The Theology Program

Covering all the major aspects of theology in 60 information-rich sessions, the Theology Program is an in-depth lay study course. This course has been used in hundreds of churches, small groups, and classroom settings and works just as well as a self-paced study course.

Introduction to Basic Apologetics

This is a course focused on defending the key issues of the historic Christian faith. Join author, scholar, and premier Christian apologist Robert Bowman as he walks you through each issue with balance and passion. By the end of this series, you will be better informed and equipped to engage and defend the central truths of Christianity.

Apologetic Method

Are the foundations of the Christian faith presupposed or are they established through logic and evidence? Are you supposed to take a “blind leap” or do we defend our faith using our reason? Learn the different methods that Christians use to defend the Christian faith.

Critical Thinking

This class will equip you with the critical thinking skills necessary to carefully examine the argument brought up against Christianity. This class focuses the student on how to love God with their minds.

Understanding Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses

Are Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses Christian? What exactly do they believe? Why are the considered cults? Join Robert Bowman for a detailed look at both religions and learn how to best answer and defend the orthodox Christian faith in the face of their objections.

The Historical Jesus

Do we have reliable sources that document the historicity of Jesus? This class takes a scholarly yet accessible in-depth look at the historical Jesus. This is a hot area of apologetics in our society. Be equipped as an ambassador for Jesus in your circle of influence.

World Religions

Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, are the worldviews covered. This class takes an in-depth look at these prominent religions. This is a critical area of study in our society as it seems all religions claim to be pointing to the same God. Learn from Robert Bowman how to handle questions and criticisms related to the religious pluralism.

Philosophy of Religion

Dr. Paul Copan, professor of philosophy and author of multiple books leads students through a study of the philosophy of religion.

Science and the Bible

Do Christians have to reject the Bible to accept Science? What about the other way around? What happens if they contradict each other?