No, God Isn’t Going to Heal You on Demand Every Time You Ask

I know that may come as a shock to most Word by Faith communities and Pentecostals, but just stay with me a while. I recently read a post in a Christian apologetics group on Facebook where someone posed this question: “I have recently heard several pastors in sermons say that believers who have any sort […]

The Night I Discovered the Bible Isn’t THAT Important

I know I might accumulate a lot of hate for this post; or perhaps, no one will even notice my words on this page, but for those who choose to see this to the end, just stay with me. I promise this is going somewhere. I Have a Secret to Share… Lean in close… Here […]

How Important are the Differences in the New Testament Manuscripts


When one looks at the extant manuscripts of the Greek New Testament and compares them with each other, there are a lot of differences. We call these differences “discrepancies.” In fact, when the nearly 6,000 manuscripts we have are put side-by-side, there are anywhere from 300,000 to 400,000 differences. This amounts to nearly 3 discrepancies […]

Shocked and Appalled? Why?


  Pardon me for not being “stunned” by the latest political “bombshell.” Or should I say, “for not pretending to be stunned”? To put it another way, pardon me for not exactly buying all of the professed moral outrage I see sweeping the land. You can ask if this is because I defend degenerate ideas, […]