How Important are the Differences in the New Testament Manuscripts


When one looks at the extant manuscripts of the Greek New Testament and compares them with each other, there are a lot of differences. We call these differences “discrepancies.” In fact, when the nearly 6,000 manuscripts we have are put side-by-side, there are anywhere from 300,000 to 400,000 differences. This amounts to nearly 3 discrepancies […]

Shocked and Appalled? Why?


  Pardon me for not being “stunned” by the latest political “bombshell.” Or should I say, “for not pretending to be stunned”? To put it another way, pardon me for not exactly buying all of the professed moral outrage I see sweeping the land. You can ask if this is because I defend degenerate ideas, […]

Forget About Evolution and Inerrancy (For a Moment)


The “Weight” of Evolution “What about evolution?” This was her question. It was a question that before this day I was prepared to answer. I had read Ken Ham, been through the Morris training, and watched all of the Hovind videos. I could have shut this lightweight down in no time with flood geology, plate tectonics, the law […]

12 Myths About Calvinism


1. Calvinism is not a system of theology that denies God’s universal love. While there are some Calvinists who do deny God’s universal love for all men, this is certainly not a necessary or a central tenet of Calvinism. Calvinists do, however, believe that God has a particular type of love for the elect (an “electing love”), but most also […]

Honestly, Do Any Lives Matter?

  Months ago in a Democratic primary debate, a national audience heard this urgently profound question put to the candidates, “Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?” It was just one more reminder that our civilization is in peril. A question like that might be expected at a debate between candidates running for […]

Why Arminianism Won’t Preach (And Calvinism Won’t Sell)


Thesis: Calvinists have  a corner on theologically-themed conferences. Arminians have apologetically-themed conferences. Calvinists Dominate Theology Think about the major conferences out there that are theological in nature: Desiring God, Together for the Gospel, The Gospel Coalition, and Ligonier Ministries. All of them fill churches and arenas with thousands of people. Passion fills the air as speakers […]