TTP Course 4 – Humanity & Sin DVDs


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Humanity & Sin DVDs

This DVD set contains 10 discs consisting of hours of in-depth content addressing topics related to the doctrine of humanity and sin, gender roles and the nature of the soul.

Sessions on Humanity & Sin

  1. Introduction and Why did God Create Man?
  2. What is man? Monism and Trichotomy
  3. What is man? Dichotomy, Conditional Unity, and Gonstic Dualism
  4. The When, What and How of the Human Soul
  5. How are People in the “Image of God?”
  6. What Happened at the Fall? Pelagianism and Augustinianism
  7. What Happened at the Fall? Arminianism
  8. Free Will: Is There Such a Thing?
  9. The Sex of Man: Egalitarianism
  10. The Sex of Man: Complementarianism
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