The Theology Program (Complete Set)

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Get the entire 60 session Theology Program.

The Theology Program is a six course systematic theological studies program designed to bring seminary level learning to everyone!

This complete set features 18 DVDs (3 DVDs per course) and 6 workbooks (1 workbook per course). All courses are designed and authored by C. Michael Patton, Th.M. Michael is joined by Rhome Dyke, Th.M. as they co-teach with skill and humor. You can use these classes at home, in your small group, or for your home school. Or you can join the over three thousand churches who have used this as their primary means of theological training. Each workbook contains discussion questions and a syllabus complete with assignments and bibliography.

Introduction to Theology
  • Course introduction
  • Defining Theology
  • Categories of Theology
  • Postmodern Epistemology
  • Christian Epistemology
  • Essentials of Theology
  • Traditions of Chirstian Theology
  • Sources of Theology
  • Does God Still Speak Today?
  • Unity & Diversity
Bibliology & Hermeneutics
  • Course Introduction and Authority
  • Sola Scriptura
  • Transmission of Scripture
  • Canonization of Scripture (OT)
  • Canonization of Scripture (NT)
  • Inspiration
  • Proving INspiration
  • Inerrancy
  • History of Interpretation
  • Historical-Grammati
  • Worldviews
  • The Knowability of God
  • The Existence of God
  • The Incommunicable Attributes of God, Part 1
  • The Incommunicable Attributes of God, Part 2
  • The Communicable Attributes of God
  • The Doctrine of the Trinity: Historical Development
  • The Doctrine of the Trinity: Biblical Defense
  • Christiology: The Humanity of Christ in History
  • Chirstology: The Humanity of Christ in the Bible
Humanity & Sin
  • Why did God create Man?
  • Constitution of Man: Monism
  • Constitution of Man: Dualism
  • Creation of the Soul
  • The Imago Dei in Humanity
  • Original Sin: Pelagianism
  • Original Sin: Augustinianism and Arminianism
  • Free Will
  • Egalitarianism
  • Complementarianism
  • Ordo Salutis
  • Unconditional Election
  • Conditional Elections
  • Atonement: Historical Survey
  • Atonement: Substitution Theoory
  • Calling and Regeneration
  • The Doctrine of Justification
  • The Doctrine of Sanctification
  • The Doctrine of Perseverance
  • The Destine of the Unevangelized (optional to cover but available in the course regardless)
Ecclesiology & Eschatology


  • The Nature of the Church
  • The Relationship between the Church and Israel, Part 1
  • The Relationship between the Church and Israel, Part 2
  • The Purpose of the Church
  • The Ministries of the Church, Part 1
  • The Ministries of the Church, Part 2
  • The Gifts of the Church
  • The Marks of a False Church and the Government of the Church


  • The Views of the Millennium
  • The Rapture and the Afterlife
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