10 Year Anniversary Bundle



To celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary and to say thank you for supporting us during that time we are running a 10 day sale on all of our curriculum! We have bundled everything together for an easy one-stop purchase.

This bundles contains all the video curriculum we have produced over the past 10 years. From where it started with the Theology Program to our Apologetics Boot Camps, it’s all here!

This bundle contains the following.

The Theology Program (DVDs & Workbooks)

  1. Introduction to Theology
  2. Bibliology & Hermeneutics
  3. Trinitarianism
  4. Humanity & Sin
  5. Soteriology
  6. Ecclesiology & Eschatology

The Discipleship Program (DVDs & Workbooks)

  1. The Bible
  2. Mankind
  3. Trinity
  4. Jesus
  5. Faith
  6. Living with God
  7. Living with God’s Word
  8. Living with God’s People
  9. Living with Pain
  10. Living as Lights

Church History Boot Camp (DVDs & Workbooks)

  1. The Early Church
  2. The Medieval Church
  3. The Reformation
  4. The Modern Church

Essentials of the Faith Boot Camp (DVDs & Workbooks)

  1. The Trinity
  2. Jesus
  3. The Bible
  4. Mankind

How to Study the Bible Boot Camp (DVDs & Workbooks)

  1. The Interpretive Process
  2. Bridging the Historical Gap
  3. Bridging the Literary Gap
  4. Bridging the Contextual Gap

Apologetics Boot Camp (DVDs Only)

  1. The Existence of God
  2. The Reliability of Scripture
  3. The Resurrection of Christ
  4. The Deity of Christ

Atheism Boot Camp (DVDs Only)

  1. I Just Worship One Less God Than You
  2. God is a Moral Monster
  3. Christianity Stole from Mystery Religions
  4. I Don’t Believe in the Easter Bunny Either

World Religions Boot Camp (DVDs Only)

  1. Buddhism
  2. Hinduism
  3. Secularism
  4. Islam
  5. Christianity

Crusades Boot Camp (DVDs Only)

  1. Introduction to the Crusades
  2. The First Crusade
  3. The Second Crusade
  4. The Third Crusade
  5. The Fourth Crusade
  6. The Fifth Crusade
  7. The Sixth Crusade
  8. The Seventh Crusade
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