Who is this Son of Man? A Review of My Debate with Dr. Bart Ehrman (Part 2)

Infographic: Is Jesus the Son of Man from Daniel 7:13–14

Justin Bass and Bart Ehrman Smiling Together Jesus persists in veiling himself in indirect references and metaphors…It is almost as though Jesus were intent on making a riddle of himself…Whoever or whatever Jesus was, he was a complex figure, not easily subsumed under one theological rubric or sociological model. —John P. Meier[1] The historical Jesus […]

How Not to Defend Jehovah’s Witness Theology

Follow the Rules

Most of the really interesting attempts to defend Jehovah’s Witness theology do not come in official Watchtower literature, which is generally rather superficial in its argumentation. The most interesting defenses come from individual Jehovah’s Witnesses producing their own blogs, websites, and in rare instances books. (I began doing research and writing on Jehovah’s Witness doctrine […]

Who Is This Son of Man? 
A Review of My Debate with Dr. Bart Ehrman (Part 1)

Tracing Jesus to YHWH

My recent debate with one of the world’s leading New Testament (NT) scholars, Dr. Bart Ehrman, actually began four years earlier at another debate. At McFarlin Auditorium on the campus of Southern Methodist University (my alma mater), Dr. Bart Ehrman and Dr. Daniel Wallace debated the topic “Can We Trust the Text of the New […]

Can We All Agree That Women Have Rights over Their Own Bodies?

Women Have Rights. Babies Have Rights.

The video by Bill Nye, the former ‘Science Guy’ turned ‘Secular Activist Guy’, on abortion that recently made the rounds, begins with this title: “Can we stop telling women what to do with their bodies?” This reflects the most popular pro-choice argument. I say it’s high time we agree that women, like men, have basic […]