All the Right Beliefs for All the Wrong Reasons


Sometimes it is frustrating to introduce yourself to theological issues. Most people who get deeply involved in theology quickly realize how much they don’t know. Confident seminary students enter their training thinking that they are going to breeze their way through as they have their prejudices confirmed by their soon to be impressed professors. After […]

Are Just War And “Cruciformity” Truly Opposed To Each Other? Reviewing Some Overlooked Biblical Texts

This past November in Atlanta, I was attending a panel discussion on just war and pacifism in an age of terror at the Evangelical Philosophical Society meeting this past November. After the warriors and pacifists gave their presentations, I raised this set of questions for the pacifists: In Acts 23, the apostle Paul wants his […]

15 Things that Should Not Influence your Vote

  If you’re already tired of it, there will only be more coming. The ads, tweets, memes and speeches of the current political season reveal a list of repeated nonsense reasons why people are supposed to be persuaded to vote this way or that. The present election landscape is not like anything I remember, but […]

Are We Just Too Shallow to Solve our Problems?

  This will sound like I’m a pessimist who is weary about the future of his society. The reason for that is that I’m a pessimist who is weary about the future of his society.  And judging by the number and frequency of regular posts and tweets that read (or include the words) “So sad,” […]

Transgender Bathrooms: The Great Civil Rights Issue of our Time?


You keep up with the news, right? Have you heard about this gender bathroom thing? I’m kidding, of course. I know that you have, and maybe you’re tired of having to read and hear all about it every day of your life. But when high courts and leading politicians are pitched in open public debate […]

Jonathan Edwards, the Intellectual Magpie:

Jonathan Edwards, the Intellectual Magpie: Introducing Oliver Crisp’s Jonathan Edwards Among the Theologians (Eerdmans) Paul Copan Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) is one of my heroes—a true inspiration over the years. His life is worthy of emulation. He was a warm-hearted pastor, a rigorous philosophical theologian, a loving husband, an attentive father, and a dedicated missionary. Of […]

Doing Philosophy as a Christian: The Example of Justin Martyr


  “Our doctrines are not shameful, according to sober judgment, but are indeed more lofty than all human philosophy.” -Justin Martyr, Second Apology 15 NOTE: I have completed writing a short book for IVP Academic’s “Little Book” series: A Little Book for New Philosophers. This book will appear in the fall of 2016. It addresses […]